About kiwi Plastic

Kiwi Plastic Packaging is an integrated supplier of Single Service Packaging Products established in the early part of 2002. Backed by overseas expertise, our objective is to be a "one-stop shop" for the packaging needs of the food industry. Food service outlets and of course the wholesalers and retailers of food packaging products.

Kiwi Plastics’ wide range of products is marketed to the local markets. These Single Service Packaging Products are versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications and are convenient to use, hygienic, non-toxic, recyclable and of food grade material. The products comply with the EU regulations for products safe for contact with food. Our product range includes Foam Lunch and Burger Boxes, Plates, Bowls and Trays; Plastic Cutlery; Microwavable Plastic Containers, Hinged Lid Sauce Containers; Drinking Straws; Plastic Cups and Plates and many others.

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